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Thanks for your continued support of HOPE Atlanta and our mission! As we rally our community to spread kindness during 100 Days of HOPE, we invite you to be a “voice of HOPE” by sharing the message to your network.
Signs of HOPE are all around us — from our clients who conquer unthinkable obstacles to the many volunteers, staff, donors, and community advocates who help make it possible. During 100 Days of HOPE, we’re sharing these stories — the “Voices of HOPE” — as we work alongside our supporters to bring HOPE to even more Georgians struggling with homelessness and hunger. Add your voice by sharing a message of HOPE and donating to help neighbors in need.

Here are a few easy ways to start:

1. Follow HOPE Atlanta on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and subscribe to our blog and emails.


2. Like, comment, and share our posts with your social network.


3. Create your own post or email using the attached copy and graphics, and the hashtag #100DaysofHOPE. Or, share your own stories of HOPE!


4. Create your own fundraising page, and invite your friends and family to join your team. Get started here.

5. Raise your voice! Create a short video or writeup to share your story. No need to be totally polished — taking a video right from your phone is just fine. Email your content to marketing@hopeatlanta.org so we can feature your story to spread HOPE!
  • Why are the issues of homelessness and/or hunger close to your heart?
  • Have you ever encountered someone struggling with homelessness, housing insecurity, or hunger?
  • What’s one thing people don’t realize about homelessness or hunger in Metro Atlanta and/or Georgia as a whole?
  • What would you say to other people looking to get involved in the journey to end homelessness and hunger?
  • In the fight to end homelessness and hunger in Metro Atlanta and across Georgia, what gives you hope for the future?


With costs of living on the rise, more and more Georgians live with housing and food insecurity. During the tough times, it’s even more important to look out for our neighbors and spread HOPE. That’s why I’m supporting HOPE Atlanta during its #100DaysofHOPE campaign.

By sharing your own message of HOPE and donating to help neighbors in need, you can also be a voice of HOPE in our community!


Learn more here: https://www.classy.org/give/421733/#!/donation/checkout


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Many Georgians are facing tough times, but signs of HOPE abound. Among them: our dedicated and passionate community. Let’s step up to help our neighbors experiencing housing and food insecurity by supporting HOPE Atlanta, a 120-year-old organization dedicated to fighting homelessness and hunger.


Join us during #100DaysofHOPE and give HOPE with your donation!  https://www.classy.org/give/421733/#!/donation/checkout


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With costs of living on the rise, it’s important to raise awareness around the risks of homelessness and hunger that are all too real for so many. I’m taking it a step further and raising funds for HOPE Atlanta, a 120-year-old organization that works with Georgians struggling to meet their basic needs. Let’s support our neighbors and be “voices of HOPE” in our community!


Donate here! https://www.classy.org/give/421733/#!/donation/checkout

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HOPE Atlanta seeks to help Georgians avoid homelessness and hunger through a comprehensive approach that equips them with the tools for lifelong stability.  After combining with Action Ministries in 2021, our bold vision is to end homelessness and hunger for every Georgian.


Mark your calendars!

Heroes for HOPE is in-person on Thursday, November 17th.