Park Commons has needed an easily accessible fresh food source for quite some time. The complex is currently located in an urban food desert an area where there are no grocery stores, farmers’ markets or healthy food providers within a one-mile radius. The absence of
nearby grocers, coupled with the age and physical limitations of many Park Commons residents, work to make the task of grocery shopping extremely difficult.

The community has been extremely supportive of the community
garden. The Whole Kids Foundation, funded by Whole Foods, gifted the garden with an assortment of seeds and a $2500 grant to
maintain the garden and to start additional gardens in the future. A local Lowe’s store also contributed manure and other planting
materials to the project. As a result of these generous donations, the Park Commons Community Garden has the resources to flourish for years to come.


Help this community plant seeds for success by volunteering to help Park Commons residents plant, maintain and harvest their crops.

With your help, we can provide healthier food choices and a sense of unity to a community in need.