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Stories of HOPE

A longtime sufferer of Crohn’s Disease, Perry developed a dependence on alcohol to numb the pain caused by his illness. His previous struggles, combined with recent colon cancer and HIV diagnoses, ended with him living in a hospice. After a referral to HOPE Atlanta, Perry received case management in our HOPWA program. Inspired by his case workers and his faith, Perry decided to leave hospice care and become a motivational speaker. Perry now uses his personal experiences to educate others on important life skills that can lead to a better life.
Perry A.
HOPWA Client/HOPE Atlanta
As a result of mounting medical bills and not being able to work, Sandra’s home was foreclosed on. She and her teenage daughter Rebecca ended up living in an extended-stay hotel in Covington, GA - outside of Rebecca’s school district. While helping to care for her sick mother, Rebecca excelled in her schoolwork and was advised she would be valedictorian of her high school graduating class. When Rebecca began to miss classes due to her inability to get to school, she was threatened with suspension. Desperate to help her daughter, Sandra contacted HOPE Atlanta. HOPE Atlanta case managers worked with the City of Atlanta Public School System to keep Rebecca enrolled in school. We also gave Sandra transportation assistance so that she could attend important doctor’s visits. Within a week, HOPE Atlanta placed Sandra and Rebecca in temporary housing with free rent until Rebecca’s graduation in May of 2017 and are currently working to find Sandra permanent housing. Rebecca plans to study Engineering at Duke University in the fall where she was awarded a full scholarship.
Sandra and Rebecca S.
PATH Client/HOPE Atlanta
“I’m glad to say that without Ms. Harvindar and her wonderful staff of case managers I wouldn’t be where I am today. I owe HOPE Atlanta my life.” Released after six years in prison, Richard ended up living on the streets of metro Atlanta. He briefly stayed at the Atlanta Union Mission until he was later referred to HOPE Atlanta through our website. Case Workers then created a personalized plan to address Richard’s individual needs. A key part in the process involved motivating Richard to attend a rehab program to help him battle his 30-year addiction to crack cocaine. Meanwhile, Richard was able to get temporary housing which eventually led to his own studio apartment.
Richard S.
HOPWA Client/HOPE Atlanta
"It’s easy to lose hope when abuse, neglect, and addictions are the monkeys on your back. I served in the Army, and after I left I built a life for myself and my family in Virginia. I have always been a hard worker, and I am trained in engineering and repair. After a divorce and some legal trouble, I ended up in Atlanta with nothing but a car and tools. An accident hospitalized me, and the chronic, agonizing pain put me out of work and onto the streets. HOPE Atlanta gave me and my fiancee HOPE for a brighter future. Our case manager, Ms. Marita helped us get emergency housing to prevent my family from ending up in the streets again. With HOPE Atlanta’s help I was able to get a construction job, and we connected with a realtor and I am now able to support my family of 11. We have a large, beautiful home, and a bright future. HOPE Atlanta has stuck with us, and helped us to build a foundation to stay off the street for life, and for that, I am extremely grateful."
Chokel T.
SSVF Client / HOPE Atlanta
"The support I’ve received from HOPE Atlanta has saved my life. I was on a downward spiral, addiction had begun to eat me alive. I lost my business, many jobs, and I had lost hope for my future. HOPE Atlanta showed me that I didn’t have to fight my battle alone. The PATH Team met me where I was, helped me get treatment for my addiction, and they never gave up even when I would fall back down. With the help of HOPE Atlanta, I received treatment for the underlying causes of my addiction, I received counseling for childhood trauma, and I was given HOPE. Today, I’m a happily married business owner, who has a vital role in the revitalization of the Auburn Business District, and It’s all thanks to HOPE Atlanta, and those who support the programs."
Benjamin G.
PATH Client / HOPE Atlanta
“I was living in a shelter when I learned about HOPE Atlanta. Honestly, when I learned about the program I thought it might be too good to be true. With Erika's help I got into the program and they’ve helped me with housing, they’ve helped me get medical treatment and medication for my mental illness, and I’ll be addiction-free for 5 years this December. Even when my fear and depression come back sometimes, and the fear of going back to the street overcomes me, my case manager and HOPE Atlanta always reassure me that they’ll take care of me. I feel so blessed to be a part of the program, and I’m extremely thankful to those who give and make this all possible. It's crazy to have so much support and to be back on track”
JoAnn S.
First Housing Client / HOPE Atlanta
Before HOPE Atlanta started working with me, I had been hospitalized several times for mental illnesses, I walked away from my house…my job…everything, and I was still battling depression. If it wasn’t for HOPE Atlanta, I’d still be living in a shelter or my car. I didn’t have anywhere to go. The program and my case managers have really helped me out. If I ever needed anything, they were there for me. If they didn’t have what I needed, they would go and get it for me. HOPE Atlanta has provided housing for me and I truly enjoy living at the Columbia Tower. We have a lot of great programs, we play bingo, have fish fries, and things like that. I’m eternally grateful for the help I’ve received and I’m looking forward to retiring soon.
Keena R.
PATH Client / HOPE Atlanta