Anita, a 43-year old mother of two, dreaded nightfall almost every day of 2016. In the fall of the previous year, two life-changing crises hit her and her girls. First, her 10-year old daughter fell seriously ill, requiring several hospitalizations. Between days spent at the hospital and subsequently caring for her child at home, Anita lost her job due to excessive absenteeism. By January, she and her girls were evicted from their apartment and were
Images courtesy of Jerry Drisaldi, Zaldi Photography, LLC. used with permission. Visit site here. In the System Samuel was born in Grady Memorial Hospital and raised in Atlanta. At eighteen, he was arrested, tried and convicted of auto theft. After serving two years of his sentence, he was released on good behavior. Two years later, he was arrested again, this time for five counts of armed robbery. Again, he was tried, convicted, and sentenced, beginning a
  This winter, over 5400 people in the metro Atlanta area will be living on the street. While many places around the City of Atlanta open various shelters when the temperature is near or below freezing, people will be turned away for lack of beds leaving many unsheltered. In anticipation of cold weather, the shelters above will be open. Here are four ways that you can help unsheltered homeless this winter. 1. Donate A great