What happens

when we put

HOPE into action?

HOPE isn’t just an emotion. It’s an action. Over the next 100 days leading up to our annual Heroes for HOPE gala, we’re challenging you to put your HOPE into action.


Inequality is worse than ever in Georgia, with many families and individuals on the brink of eviction and homelessness and countless others struggling with food insecurity. But there are so many ways you can help.


Over the next 100 days, we’ll be sending new “challenges,” or ways that you can make an impact by educating, volunteering, advocating, and donating to support our neighbors in need. We’re calling this our #HOPEinActionChallenge.

Days left until Heroes for HOPE

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  1. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We will be sharing dozens of new ways for you to put HOPE into action over the next 100 days!
  2. Complete any of the 100 Days challenges listed here and on our social accounts. Remember to use #HOPEinActionChallenge and tag @HOPEAtlanta.
  3. With each submission, you’ll collect points while you show how you put your HOPE into action. Not only will you make a difference and inspire others, but earning points will give you a chance to win special prizes along the way!

Current List of Challenges

  1. Share an educational post from our Facebook or Instagram page with your family and friends. Don’t forget to tag us and use #HOPEinActionChallenge!
  2. Visit the Five Points MARTA station and take a selfie with one of the “Street to Home” portraits on display. Share it, tag us, and use #HOPEinActionChallenge!

  3. Pack a cleaning kit and donate it to help a family transitioning out of homelessness. Share a photo or video of yourself or your group using #HOPEinActionChallenge and tagging us!

  4. Pack a move-in kit and donate it to help a family transitioning out of homelessness. Share a photo or video of yourself or your group using #HOPEinActionChallenge and tagging us!

  5. Donate $5 at donate.hopeatlanta.org — that’s enough to feed a child for one weekend!

  6. Donate $10 at donate.hopeatlanta.org — that’s enough to feed four kids for one weekend!

  7. Search for HOPE Atlanta on Amazon Smile’s list of charities and set us as your “preferred charity.” Take a screenshot and share it using #HOPEinActionChallenge and tagging us!

  8. Sign up to volunteer at one of our community kitchens by visiting https://hopeatlanta.org/volunteer/. Take a photo of yourself or your group in action, use #HOPEinActionChallenge, and tag us!

  9. Purchase an “ATL Rap Map” print for your home or office at https://www.veazeystudio.com/, and 20% of the proceeds will come to HOPE Atlanta! Take a picture of your artwork, use #HOPEinActionChallenge, and tag us!

Learn more about how homelessness and hunger affect our neighbors and share the knowledge with your friends and family.


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Give your time to help ensure children don’t go without this summer.

Volunteer to pack lunches or help deliver meals for food-insecure kids this summer through our Smart Lunch Smart Kid program! (+5)


Click here to view current opportunities, sign-up links, and contact information.


Remember to post a photo or video of your experience using #HOPEinActionChallenge and @HOPEAtlanta to earn points!

Support our programs that help Georgians in need all year long.


Sign up to be a monthly HOPE365 supporter (+10) or make a one-time gift (+5) and join our community of advocates making a difference.


Be sure you’re following along on FacebookInstagram, and our email list. We’ll be posting new challenges and updates regularly throughout the next 100 days. We can’t wait to see how many of you step up to the challenge and put your HOPE into action.

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